I am an avid nail art enthusiast and a giant geek by heart.

All nail vinyls are made by me personally, at my humble abode aka Because I shop. They are not mass produced in a factory somewhere.

In fact the vinyl cutter  used to do the nail vinyls was made for me by the husband while the artwork and layout done by the tall boy and I.

I also pack each order myself. This is a fairly small operation, where I have enlisted the help from the husband and all of my kids/stepkids/friendkids/random walkersby.

Recently we have included vinyl shirt printing to our bouquet of services as a HeatPress was built and added to the industry line.

We are all avid DIYers and I will be bringing more of this and other work to you as we grow.

The Husband has been integral in the whole vision of mine and helping me bring it to fruition!

*licks & leghumps to the best husband ever!*

I am super lucky in the support I have received and hope that my vinyls make your nail day easier, more creative and of course, all the other ladies jealous.

Thank you for your support, without you, this will be impossible!